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Welcome to the CNAA Website

The Cottonmill and Nunnery Allotment Association (CNAA) was established in 1994 and now supports allotment tenants on the Cottonmill, Nunnery & Sopwell Mill sites in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

The allotments are owned by and leased from the St Albans City and District Council and we keep a 'watching eye' on them. We offer services encouraging and helping people to get the most out of their plots, organise frequent events and socials including our popular Annual Summer Show, offer discounts on seeds, suppliers and equipment hire and publish quarterly newsletters.

Click to see our recent programme and our future plans.

Upcoming Events

This site is no longer being actively maintained and is out of date. Please check emails and newsletters for further information and notices.
The email address is also not being monitored. Please contact a member of the committee for any issues (see your newsletter).
The facebook page is still being maintained.

Please also contact a member of the committee if you wish to volunteer to run the web site.

Feel free to browse the hints, recipe paages etc though if you wish.

MemBership Changes
Please note that some small changes and clarifications are being made to the way we process memberships, as follows:

A person becomes a member as soon as payment is received by us (standing order into CNAA account or cheque received by the Treasurer).

We will no longer be issuing Membership cards.

We will send an email (or postal) confirmation of Membership along with the constitution and password for the members area on the website.

Membership will be checked at events based on the Membership list we hold.

Also please note that some people may have had a delay in their cheques being processed, which has been due to committee holidays coinciding with the Membership new year.

2015 Membership Subscriptions due

Don't forget that membership subscriptions are due now. The form can be found on the Membership page.

Web Editor Job!

After 8 years of being the web editor of the CNAA web site, I've decided that it's time for fresh ideas. It is enjoyable, especially reporting on some of the projects we've done (see the Events and Archive), but I don't have enough time or ideas anymore. So if any member who feels that it would interest them, please  email the committee at the email address below.

What it Entails

The main job is to keep the web site up to date. We also have a FaceBook account (but not Twitter) and the next web editor is welcome to promote the social media side of the association, but as there are many members who don’t use it, the committee is keen that the web site is maintained as the prime source of information.

The web editor job requires keeping the site up to date with events, pertinent news and general information. There is no particular limit to the amount of content that one may want to add. So it could be just the bare minimum, or one could write articles, reports or add other people’s articles; for instance, I used to write reports on the work parties and articles on scything etc.

I did join the committee at one stage in order to stay up to date with association events, and it may be worth the web editor doing so, but it is not entirely necessary.

I use free tools to manage the web site - these are Kompozer (web editor) and FileZilla (FTP client to upload pages to the site). I chose these to keep costs to the association at a minimum.

Other responsibilities include handling emails from the website (the ones addressed to - these are usually from members with a question, miscellaneous (usually not of interest) and also responding to input from FaceBook and Twitter - which I currently don’t do.

The web editor is also responsible for any emails from our web host provider (Krystal) and for paying the yearly subscription to the web hosting company (which is paid for by the association).

The constitution can be found here.


If you are new to allotmenting, and are a bit dispirited by the state of your newly rented allotment, take heart. Now is a good time to get it into shape as the weeds are not so vigorous. Have a look at the Hints and Tips pages, especially tips for newcomers, and tips for strugglers.


Don't forget that the association is on Facebook. Check us out here.. and like us (hopefully!).

Members Access
If you can't remember the username and password to access the Members Area please email us on providing your site & plot details and we'll remind you of them.

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Our aim is to support full cultivation of the allotment plots. Last updated 13 Feb 2016